Flats for rent & administration buildings

We realise investments on the Czech property market.

Flats for rent & administration buildings

We realise investments on the Czech property market.

Investments on the property market

The Creditas Real Estate company invests on the real estate market. It focuses on the acquisitions of already realised functional residential and administration buildings. In its field of vision, there are mainly properties in the Prague city centre.

The Creditas Real Estate vision is to build a large portfolio of flats for rent during the following years and to join the foremost providers of the rental living in the Czech Republic.

Basic company information

Legal name
Creditas Real Estate B.V.

Barbara Strozzilaan 201
1083HN Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Record in the CR: Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce for Amsterdam, registration number 78258480

A member of the CREDITAS group

Creditas Real Estate B.V. is a part of the Czech investment CREDITAS group, which is particularly focused on long-term investments in conservative sectors. The main business pillars of the group are financial services, real estate, rental living, energetics, and health care. Our goal is to find new opportunities on the market, use them, and develop their potential. Thanks to a responsible approach to the investment projects, we are able to reach a growth and a high revenue of investments in a long-term period.

The founder and the major shareholder of the CREDITAS group is Pavel Hubáček. The beginnings of the shaping of the group was 2013, when the UNICAPITAL investment group was founded. In 2015, Pavel Hubáček gained the majority of shares in the current CREDITAS Bank.

Because of the strategic development of the group, a top-level holding company CREDITAS B.V. was founded in 2020. The property shares in Bank CREDITAS a.s., in UNICAPITAL N.V. investment group, and in the newly created Creditas Real Estate B.V company, were transferred under this company. Thus the CREDITAS group was created, a group, whose goal is to safely and in a qualitative manner valorise the group assets. Currently, the structure comprises more than 100 companies.



Banka CREDITAS a.s.